Thursday, April 15, 2010

What am i doing???

Salam u guys, aiyooo.....

sorry the the bad feelings that bothering...well today i think it just keep on going with what ever happen...There's something good will been paid soon.

anyway guy, there're left just 4 weeks more to go and after that i'll finish doing my training at this company..then i'll be back to my Universiti to continue what have i started 2 years ago and now a year more to go...

I've been thinking that the creeps happen on me when i in my own hometown, there're lots of happiness and sadness, well i take it as lesson to me. Next time i've to watch my words, my steps, watch over my friend, the things i'll be doing.

For my friends that facing with me either good or bad i just can say sorry and thank you. I'm being depressed and disappointed for you guys.

But this is what we call lesson, i'm normal person, human being, i also got my feelings, i also have what i want to do, i also hurt, i also have my own bad time, i also have my happy time.

For those who read this, and for those who thinking im mention about you, what can i say anymore?? Have you ever been in my place ??

I dont know why im posting this entry.. Just to say WHATS HAPPENING ON ME?? (~_=)



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